Dear Life,

I hope everyone has had an amazing time with their loved ones over the Christmas period and as we begin to say goodbye to the year that was, and welcome 2017, we all seem to reflect on our lives during this time and begin planning some goals or ‘resolutions’ for the future. I came across an article recently about a guy who wrote a letter to his future self, which ive heard a lot of people do. I think it’s a great Self-Development tool that has proved successful for many. The end of a year always brings mixed emotions and this one in particular is challenging. So, I thought I would give this tool a go and see but instead of writing to my future self, I decided to write it to my ‘Life”

Dear Life,

WOW! What a year 2016 has been. This has been the hardest year by far and more emotional than I was ready for. You’ve brought me many laughs with new and existing people but I’ve shed even more tears and that’s disappointing. I know life has many ups and downs and you take the good with the bad, so I’ve learnt to change a negative into a life lesson and I’m glad 2016 gave me a few more to remember for the future. However, as I can be thankful for so much, I have to question some of your intentions and situations you set for me in the last 12 months. Are you giving me some sort of sign I have yet to see? A lesson I have yet to learn? because surely this outcome to 2016 isn’t what you envisioned for me all along.

Firstly, let’s start with a positive. You have given me amazing opportunities to grow in my career and what a great way to start 2016 with a job opportunity to manage my own Out of School Hours Care service. After turning it down twice, I knew it was a sign once the opportunity presented itself again and who knew accepting it would be the best ‘yes’ I think I have ever given. My job has tested me in many ways and pushed me to new depths in discovering what it takes to be a leader, not only to the children in my care, but to my employees. My job has become my number 1 priority and it’s what motivates me to get up each morning. I’m proud to say I can call this one a success.

I started this year with everything I had always wanted. Settling into city life where new friendships were developing within a community I felt I could be my complete self without any fears or insecurities. This even brought a newfound bond with my mum who I think finally accepted me as I am and this has strengthened our relationship tighter than ever before. However, you soon showed me early on that the social life I had always wanted wasn’t as ‘real’ as I thought it was. As the year progressed, it became pretty clear I was losing myself and becoming someone I barely recognised. I learnt from the mistakes I had made and I’ve fought hard to stay true to myself since then. Unfortunately, this has created a loss of friendships or people I eventually realised were “acquaintances” and the sense of loss has definitely hit me the hardest, and something I’m still struggling with.

You and I both know ‘love’ is a big influence of mine. It pretty much defines me as a person, through words and actions, which has a great impact on my social and professional life. Love has tested me to the absolute limit emotionally and has resulted in many mistakes or as I now like to call them, life lessons. I guess I’m just a guy that has so much love to give, but not many people to share it with, which is a friggin challenge. However, I think I’ll save those details for a separate blog. I sure didn’t realise though the small minority who felt the same as me when it comes to love. What happened? Too much heartbreak and too many scars? I guess if I didn’t believe so much in the importance of love, I would probably be a sceptic too but all I hope is for people to just respect each others different views and opinions. Is it ego, competitive society we now live in or just lack of empathy? Whatever the case, It’s sad the respect I’ve lost towards a few surprising people  I’m nowhere near perfect, no one is actually but I have a big heart and sure a lot more do. It’s just a shame more people aren’t willing to show the same.

So, as I sit here wrapping up 2016, I gotta be honest and say looking ahead to 2017 has been a challenge recently. It wasn’t that long ago I felt I had hit rock bottom but it only creates a greater opportunity to rebuild your ‘life’ how you envisioned it to be all along, and  that’s when was created. Rebuilding ones life is a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together, day by day, piece by piece and a work in progress. In the meantime, what are my goals and ambitions for 2017? Continuing on with my Bachelor in Education, exploring new paths with blogging and where I can take it, travelling (London baby!) and I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book so looks like with dedication and hard work, 2017 could actually end up being a great year after all. I guess only time will tell 🙂

If you are looking for some guidance or self help, I highly recommend trying this activity because as soon as I thought about what I was going to say, I never expected I’d be able to wrap it up with such positivity. So much happens to each and every one of us throughout an entire year. We all have our own challenges in life and can easily get caught up fixating on the negatives and losing memory of our success. For those struggling, just take some time to breathe. If you can breathe, it means you’re alive and just another opportunity to chase those dreams and goals of yours.

“The book is called ‘Opportunity’ and it’s first chapter is New Years Day”

I hope everyone has an amazing and safe new year, filled with all the love and kindness, with the ones you adore most.. and drink responsibly (joke) HA HA!

Until next year,

LOVE all, TRUST a few, Do wrong to none ❤




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