Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset!

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible”

Living life to the fullest is like experiencing a rollercoaster ride. We repeatedly witness great heights from the top and others from the very bottom with many bumps and turns thrown in along the way. The only difference is that this ride of life never stops and neither do we. As much as we would love to take a time out and catch a breath, life doesn’t stop for anyone and we have no other choice but to hold on and move along with it. This may sound too daunting for some as they let fear hold them back from experiencing life’s many opportunities while to others, the ride of life is embraced fully because in hindsight, what other choice do we have? So, which one are you? I can tell you what separates the two has everything to do with a person’s mindset. A negative mindset will view life in a completely different way compared to someone who lives with such positivity. I spent many years living with such a negative thought process but thankfully after dedicating time and effort, I trained my mind to work in a positive manner. It was then I discovered a valuable life tool that the words we choose to speak have a far greater impact on the direction our life takes us on.

“Your attitude determines your direction”

I was inspired by a lesson plan my school participated in last year, called ‘Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset’ aimed at guiding students in developing a growth mindset, realising the power of the words they speak and encouraging them to challenge and improve themselves.

positivity 2
I witnessed students begin to understand how a positive attitude towards various challenges can receive positive results. They discovered this kind of attitude creates a motivation to succeed, willingness to work hard and an eagerness to learn. If only a program like this was taught when I was at school because the skills learnt here can be just as beneficial as an adult as well.

It seems the older I become, the bigger the challenges life sends my way which ultimately test the strength of my mindset. In a previous post, I spoke about a time I lost that positive mindset by giving up and letting the negativity take over. Just three short words, “I GIVE UP” steered my life in the direction of rock bottom. A place  I now know could have been avoided if I had simply chosen my words in a positive manner instead, such as “I CAN DO THIS” I may not have believed those words at the time but as I’ve experienced, the more you keep trying and feed your brain with positive words, the sooner you’ll notice life being steered in the right direction.

“Make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears”

Many are under the impression that words have little impact because actions are what speak the real truth. However, I only agree with half this statement. A valuable lesson I’ve learnt through self improvement is that words have the greatest power of them all because the words spoken ultimately train and focus the mind to either work in a positive or negative manner. If someone is constantly calling themselves ‘weak’ whether it be out loud or in silence, their minds will believe it too and the more it’s repeated, the harder it becomes to erase such negativity. Although I’ve proven to myself that changing our words does indeed change our mindset, I still find this a challenge on a daily basis.

A negative mindset can cause a lot of anxiety and stress for someone if it’s not controlled. Each and every one of us can quite easily develop a mind full of negative thoughts while it’s a lot more difficult to train your mind with full positivity. Although we may try to avoid negative energy as best we can, doing so is pretty much a challenge in itself because no matter what path we choose, we seem to be surrounded unneeded negativity. Places like social media, the news, workplace or even simply walking down the street and I believe a large % of the human population is responsible for this. Firstly, where has the quality of kindness gone? We all have the potential to be kind yet so many choose to show hate instead. Some feel the need to voice their opinion on topics they know nothing about while others take offense when someone’s opinion is different to theirs.. One of my favourite quotes that supports this point says;

“We listen with the intent to reply, not to understand”

For many people, the inability to be open-minded towards someone’s situation or views causes an immediate judgement and dislike towards them. This sort of behaviour is sending a negative message that being true to yourself and standing up for your beliefs is wrong. Instead it seems we must become someone that’s considered ‘acceptable’ in society. Whatever happened to accepting the uniqueness of one’s character?

Many others seem to be in constant competition, trying to be better than someone else and disregarding their own self development. I’ve experienced many friendships where a friend will show genuine happiness and support… as long as you’re not experiencing more success than them. The pressure just to be yourself is the cause for such a negative mindset that consists of words such as I can’t, I give up, It’s impossible or I’m not good enough. I think it’s important we remember that all of us are a work in progress until the last breath we take, the sooner people realise that being ‘perfect’ is total BS, the more people may start realising that who we truly are, is indeed good enough.

“There’s no such thing as ‘too late’ when we have the opportunity of a tomorrow”

In the meantime,
LOVE all, TRUST a few, DO wrong to none ❤

Casey xx



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