Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting rock bottom is when we reach a breaking point. A place of uncertainty and fear but also a blessing in disguise because it gives someone an opportunity to rebuild their life exactly how they envisioned it to be all along.

Single! Taken! OPEN..???

Cheating, Social Media, Open Relationships... Finding love has never been so difficult as it is now. As hook ups become a bigger trend in today's society, is good old fashioned romance already dead?

Love / Loss

Inspired by past and present experiences, this blog is all about a little thing called LOVE and a whole lot of LOSS that comes with it

Dear Life,

The end of a year always brings mixed emotions and this one in particular is challenging. So, I thought I would try this Self-Development tool but instead of writing to my future self, I decided to write it to my 'Life"


In 2007, one in 6 young people (aged 16-24) had experienced Depression and I was one of them. I'd like to share with you my experience with Mental Health and how my darkest hour would eventually become my greatest success.

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